Welcome to the Infill Systems US website. We are pleased to bring the worlds most advanced building products and methods – aimed at efficient customization of interior spaces – to the North American market. Developed in the Netherlands over the past decade as an outgrowth of the OPEN BUILDING approach to design and construction, CABLESTUD is currently in the market there and in France by some of the largest building product companies (e.g. GYPROC). We are on target to bring the CABLESTUD product into several US markets in the coming year.

This website is a living source of information on CABLESTUD, as well as the related MATRIX TILE SYTEM. Please write with questions, or log into the blog and make comments and observations.

We look forward to widening our network of lead users in the DIY and professional markets. Investors are welcome to seek a role in the widespread application of CABLESTUD, and all innovators are invited to make suggestions on how to make CABLESTUD and MATRIX TILE a part of every project where both initial customization and long-term adaptability are high values.

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