Lectures, Webinars and Continuing Education

Infill Systems provides lectures and webinars, both offering continuing education credits.

Recent examples include:

• 9th Collaborative Session of the Rice University Building Institute: “Flexibility: Designing for Uncertainty and Change in Healthcare and Facilities,” Washington DC, November 3-4, 2010

• New York City AIA Technology Committee: “Open Building as a Strategic Design Necessity.” February 2012

• “Open Building Strategy: Accommodating Life Dynamics in Sustainable High Performance Housing” (EcoBuilding Webinar with Tedd Benson/ Bensonwood Homes – part of the Vision 2020 program)(October 2013)

• “Assuring the long-term usefulness and performance of healthcare facilities;” Webinar #4 Report on Facility Planning and Lifecycle Management – Strategic Roadmap for the MHS Facilities Criteria Improvements and Upkeep; National Institute of Building Sciences (July 2013)

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