Stephen Kendall, PhD (MIT’90)

Dr. Kendall is a registered architect whose academic and research career spans more than 25 years. He has a professional degree from the University of Cincinnati, a Masters of Architecture and Urban Design from Washington University in St. Louis, and a PhD in Design Theory and Methods from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Kendall practiced architecture for a number of years, designing hospitals, academic facilities, residences, and other building types. He has taught architectural design and urban design studios at all levels of professional curricula in several universities. He also teaches courses in theory and technology at various levels. He has experience in guiding professional, post professional and PhD studies at a number of universities in the US and abroad.

His research focuses on both architectural pedagogy and open building design. The former has its origins in recognition of challenges the professions face as we guide the transformation of the built environment under conditions of change and distributed design across several levels of intervention (urban design, building design and interior design). Preparing students with the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to enable them to contribute to the improvement of the built field, given these forces, is the goal of his studies of teaching methods.

His research in open building design encompasses studies of new organizational and design methods, new logistics and new technology needed to make buildings – especially large multi-tenant buildings – more adaptable, easier to customize to meet individual preferences and thus more sustainable. His work focuses primarily on housing and health care architecture, each facing a convergence of three dominant characteristics of the contemporary urban environment. First is the increasing size of buildings, sometimes serving thousands of occupants. Second is the dynamics of living environments, the workplace and the marketplace where use is increasingly varied and changing, matching social trends. Third is the availability of, and demand for, an increasing array of equipment and facilities serving the inhabitant user.

Dr. Kendall has written more than 40 papers, book chapters and technical reports. He is the co-author of a book (Residential Open Building) and has conducted many funded research projects. He has guest edited a number of journals and conference proceedings, and is on the editorial board of Open House International. He lectures widely to university and professional audiences. He is joint coordinator of the CIB Commission W104 Open Building Implementation (

In 2011, Dr. Kendall formed a company – INFILL SYSTEMS US LLC – dedicated to selling products and providing logistics advising and architectural services that support developers achieve adaptable, long-lived buildings, called open building.

Dr. Kendall is currently an Emeritus Professor of Architecture at Ball State Universtiy

Dr. Kendall’s Personal Website at Ball State University.

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