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ISUS provides architectural consulting services focused on implementation of open building projects. Open building projects are those in which a distinct separation is made between a BASE BUILDING and TI (Tenant Improvements or FIT-­‐OUT).

This separation is made for several reasons, the most important of which are:

• Assuring long-term real estate asset value
• Enabling decisions about sizes of units of occupancy and unit floor plans to be made independently and to change over time
• Reducing conflict between tenant spaces one above the other

At least three design problems need to be solved:

First, proper positioning of the vertical MEP shaft enables a sensible variety of occupant spaces, and also enables unit size and layout decisions on one floor to be independent of those on floors above or below.

Second, floor plates must be designed to enable optimum variety of demised spaces and within each demised space, a variety of layouts should be possible, all respecting the need for natural light and ventilation in occupied spaces. Usually we start with floor plans and make a building design. When the floor plans are not known at the beginning, design decisions must be made on other criteria.

Third, horizontal drain lines must be handled within the demised space they serve, not in the ceiling of spaces below. This means that no floor penetrations can be accepted except at the common pipe shaft serving all floors.

The method applied to solve this problem is called CAPACITY ANALYSIS. This entails an iterative constraint-based design process of proposing a base building design, deploying units of occupancy of various sizes, and studying floor plans within these varied unit sizes. This study may indicate that certain features, proportions or dimensions of the proposed base building should be adjusted. This iterative process continues until agreement is reached that the proposed base building has suitable “capacity.”

Please contact Dr. Stephen Kendall for details and consulting rates.

3100 West Beechwood Avenue, Muncie, Indiana, 47304, USA

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