Advantages of Cablestud

Flexibility in the building process:
• Quick adaptations are possible during the building process
• End-users can select socket and switch locations just before final installation
• Coordination is simplified: electrical power and data/signal cabling installers will be on site less frequently (simplified building and inspection processes)
• Cables and outlets can be installed after gypsum board and finishes are installed

Flexibility in use of the space:

• Allows for quick (and much less expensive) adaptation to new requirements, equipment and furniture
• Adaptation without ripping open the wall and destroying finishes.
• No visible cables
• Usable for both data and electrical cables

• An average apartment will use approximately 125 Cablestuds, adding +/- $600 (materials +labor)
• Use of Cablestud reduces electrician costs by up to 50% during initial installation because the electrician comes to the site once
• Use of Cablestud reduces electrician costs when changes are made (average cost of moving one outlet averages $125.00).
• CableStuds can be delivered already inserted in the studs or can be inserted on-site

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