The practice of investing in buildings that can accommodate a variety of changeable occupant spaces.


CABLESTUD is a patented product made of fiber reinforced fire retardant plastic, and has passed acoustical and structural/stress tests.


The MATRIX TILE is a solid material (e.g. medium density polystyrene) applied on top of the leveled base building floor.


  • Welcome to the Infill Systems US website. We are pleased to bring the worlds most advanced building products and methods - aimed at efficient customization of interior spaces - to the North American market. Developed in the Netherlands over the past decade as an outgrowth of the OPEN BUILDING approach to design and construction, CABLESTUD is currently in the market there and in France by some of the largest building product companies (e.g. GYPROC). We are on target to bring the CABLESTUD product into several US markets in the coming year.

    This website is a living source of information on CABLESTUD, as well as the related MATRIX TILE SYTEM.

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About Us

  • Infill Systems are well-organized product bundles or “kits” brought into a demised space to make it habitable for the chosen function. Infill systems by definition are not random collections of parts. Like any system, an Infill System enables a variety of individual solutions. An Infill System will, for example, yield a variety of floor plans in a given space, and, within that floor plan, will allow specific equipment and cabinet layouts to be selected from a menu.

    In this sense, infill systems are “open systems” in which one product (from one company) can be substituted for another (from still another company) performing the same function.

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Our Services

  • ISUS provides architectural consulting services focused on implementation of open building projects. Open building projects are those in which a distinct separation is made between a BASE BUILDING and TI (Tenant Improvements or FIT-¬‐OUT). This separation is made for several reasons, the most important of which are:

    • Assuring long-term real estate asset value
    • Enabling decisions about sizes of units of occupancy and unit floor plans to be made independently and to change over time
    • Reducing conflict between tenant spaces one above the other

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